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Most articles are written in Czech language as this internet site is mostly focused on spreading ceramics knowledge in Czech language.


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  • KERAMICKÉ CENTRUM DOUPĚ changed its registered address to:
    • Doupě 49
    • 588 56 Telč


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  • Classes for summer 2012
  • new article Rebirth of „Podbrdské" pottery ...  (10.2.2012)
  • new article  The fire in woodkiln started again in Štěchovice (10.2.2012)
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  • Keramické centurm Doupě o.p.s nabízí podmínky členství všem, kteří se chtějí na chodu KC Doupě podílet více informací v menu KC Doupě > membership (24.1.2012)
  • Ceramics studio Doupě o.p.s. rents wood kiln (1.8.2011)

    Ceramics studio Doupě o.p.s.

    is a non-profit organization established in 2007 by Miroslava Randová and Petr Novák to provide educational opportunities for artists, and general community.

    Main activities will be held in the village of Doupě, close to historic town of Telč.

    Pottery studio will offer not only classes and workshops, but also provide technical facilities for artist to explore and create work in their suit. Contemporary pottery gallery will feature works of Czech ceramics artists with focus on wood fired pottery.

    One of the specialties of studio is wood firing, building kilns for wood firing, mixing glazes from natural materials.

    The studio is open to all hobbyist and professionals sincerely interested in ceramics arts.

    The studio open is plan for summer of 2010.