Ceramics studio Doupě introduces:

Every tree months studio introduce works of one Czech ceramics studio artist.


Jana Matiščíková

While studiing the university I took my first ceramic lessons. I left my studies to work in ceramics.

I usually throw stoneware pots on the pottery wheel. At the begining I used to fire in the electric kiln to temperature around 1250°C. Now with a help of people form Ceramic Centre Doupe I have built a woodfiring kiln and I am on my way to understand the process of loading the kiln, making glazes and firing and also that the wet wood is not really good for firing:).

I make dinnerware and also decorative ware, for example garden houses. I am trying to understand the proportions which make the pots look harmonically. For decoration I use red iron oxide and glazes. Recipes for my glazes I have from my friend or from books. If you are interested in a particular glaze, do not hesitate to contact me.

First I fire the pots in electric kiln to the temperature 1050°C. Then I woodfire for about 9-11 hours.

You can see my work in the gallery below.


Jana Matiščíková