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Michal Plíhal lives with his family in eastern part of Czech Republic, close to town Litomyšl in small village Netřeby. His work, fired in electric and wood kiln originates in his workshop, which is part of his house. His biggest focus is on RAKU pottery, to which he was led by his wife Hana. Together they love bringing to life secrets of the raku technology for past 17 years.

Vessels are exposed to rapid changes in temperature and to post reduction in different kinds of materials.  This process allows them to be in touch with all aspect, which at the end penetrate finished vessel and give to each vessel the energy of nature. Inspiration finds Michal Plíhal in the time of Czech art nouveau and in the basic nature forms.

Michal Plíhal was born in Brno and soon after he moved to Moravský Beroun. There he, in Folk school of art, touched potter's clay for the first time under the guidance of sculptor Jiří Dvorský. He left beautifull nature of mountains Jeseníky for the Secondary art school in Prague. Later under the guidance of potter Mr. Maruškin, he learns to throw on the potter's wheel. The aura of the old workshop, kiln, the way to prepare clay and the love for the craftsmanship absorb him. Step by step he set up his workshop and for pas 16 years he produces raku pottery.

Raku pottery hides in itself energy of fire, earth, water and wind. It is full of immensurable secrets. It is necessary to have respect for the material, which is able to withstand difficult process of it's metamorphoses. He also creates prehistoric and medieval replicas, which he produce by punctually mimicking the old techniques. Those replicas you can find in Prag's town museum and other Czech museums.

Exhibitions: 1998 - Havířov, 1999 - Karviná, 2000 - Lomnice u Tišnova; 2000 - Karviná; 2001 - Žďár nad sázavou; 2001 - Polička; 2002 - Praha; 2002 - Liberec; 2003 - Trutnov; 2004 - France, Paris; 2005 - Germany, Munich; 2006 - Austria, Klagenfurt; 2006 - Netherlands, Dwingeloo; 2008 - Praha; 2008 - Litomyšl; 2009 - Galerie Art Chrudim


Michal Plíhal - raku keramika

Michal Plíhal - raku keramika

 Michal Plíhal - raku pottery




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