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About me:

Even though I do not have formal ceramics education, I have been driven towards pottery whole my life. I am self-taught potter and for a long time pottery has been my hobby. Through number of workshops, I have attended and my experiments with clay I've discovered the world of wood-fired pottery.

I have got own wood-fired kiln since 2006 and I have afford myself the luxury of full-time pottery-making job since then. Even though it is not the job, that would provide big earnings, it brings me inner satisfaction. Each vessel, I make, undergoes that fascinating process from wheel forming to firing and  is given maximum attention in the sense of form, decoration and glazing. Fire gives the final touch to the vessel and it goes on living by its own.

I am mixing my own glazes from primary ceramic materials, I admire clay glazes, ash glazes and feldspar glazes and I enjoy experimenting with them.

I work in small series, mostly teapots and variety of tableware. Woodfiring means for me not only what I do for living, but also the way of life, my approach to the present world, its values and living in it.

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