Woodkiln 450l

This kiln has been modified from the top loading type. In the chamber size 450liters we find, it is easier to load (front load) and the arch is improveing flame and temeperature distribution in kiln.

It is made from soft bricks (the same kind you know from electric kiln - when buying you need to make sure the bricks are suitable for the temperature to 1350°C (about cone 11) - there are number of kinds and qualities in different prices, so if buing new one, choose carefully. Another option is to buy used bricks (that is what we did).

Kiln in this size can be fired by one person and our schedule is:

  • one day loading
  • next morning start firing
  • firing 12hours
  • unload 2days later

Kiln for woodfiring - the kind with archer


In plans please note that the bricks, we have used, are not standard size. Count the number of the bricks, you will need, from measurements on plans - all measurements are in cm (1cm=0.3937in).

Loading kiln for firing

Begining to open the kiln for unloading

Klin partly open for unloading

Kiln open for unloading

Unloading is best, when shared with others.

Unloaded and next chapter of this pots life can start...

Kiln for woodfiring - the top loading kind


Kiln stoking

Kiln open for unloading.

Even our first kiln together with Petr was the top loaded kind. (notice most of the bricks from this kiln are used on new kiln with archer too).