Plans for hard brick phoenix wood kiln

Plans to download in SketchUp file can be found:


Plans for hard brick phoenix kiln to download in PDF file can be found:

Comments on the plans:

This kiln is designed from hard fireclay bricks. Its advantage is ability to by fired with additional introduction of soda or salt, disadvantage is longer (for this kiln size) firing time and it is harder to kontrol the firing schedule than with the Phoenix soft brick kiln

Kiln insulation

For proper function of the kiln chamber should be insulated. We recommend soft bricks, and another layer of ordinary red bricks.

Fireplace insulation

Remember to properly insulate fireplace floor:
Option 1

  • 1.concrete base
  • 2nd Hard refractory bricks
  • 3rd Soft refractory bricks
  • 4th Hard refractory bricks

Option 2


  • 1.concrete base
  • 2nd Hard refractory bricks
  • 3rd Fireblanket
  • 4th old kiln furniture

Bracing kiln with steel profiles

The kiln is moving during firing and need to be braced with steel profiles

Arch insulation

As appropriate insulation we recommend:

  • 1. after 1st layer of hard fireclay bricks - fireblanket
  • 2. rabbit fencing
  • 3rd adobe - a mixture of clay, sawdust (shavings), straw (hay or paper)

Peep holes

Before construction it is recomended to properly consider location od peep holes. If peep holes are necessary only for cones then following locations are fully suffice:

Closing and regulation of the chimney

With this kiln width we recomend two slide damper, preferably of silicon carbide kiln furniture. Their placement is shown below.

Firebox door

Fireboxes needs to be closed during firing (we do not recommend leaving fireboxes open during firing, if necessary they can be partially open for needend time). Pictures below show some of the door possibilities:


Brick measurement are in inch and helps to count all the necessary other measurement in plan and also adjust than to any available brick, which is used.

Loading of this kiln

We recommend properly read the enclosed pdf plans. In case of questions, please contact us.