Small portable wood kiln

This kiln has been made for woodfiring promotional purposes. We have fired this kiln on opening anniversary of Kutna Hora tea room in front of the tea room on the Jungmanovo square.  After that we use kiln for two day workshops.

From information above is clear that the kiln can be fired fast (about 7-8hours- one could go faster, but remember one never fire kiln, we fire the works inside!!!) and also cools quit fast. If firing start at about 15.00 (firing finished at about midnight) - it can be unloaded at about 16.00 next day.

Kiln is made from soft bricks and is about 150liters chamber for vessels and it is build from 255 soft bricks.

It can be easily fired to cone 9- cone 11 - there are differences in the temperature in front of kiln and beck, also top to bottom).

Kiln can be fired by one person and is suitable for occasional wood firing. This kind of kiln can be also made larger (we ourselves have similar design upgraded a bit with cca 450liters chamber for vessels). So the dimension of one brick (250cmx125cmx65) is pretty much a guideline, but does not have to be kept precisely. Even the 450liters one is easily fired by one person - it also can be fired fast (8hours), but from experience we have found that is best to be fired for about 12hours). With larger kiln the right choice of clay + glaze in different parts of kiln is crucial.

All kilns made from soft bricks need roof over it.

One of the main advantage of this kiln is that it is not only easy to build, but also easy to repair and easy to upgraded - mean if you realize you would like to have bigger kiln you just take the kiln apart - get some more bricks and build bigger.

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Plans for the kiln you can see below and also download in PDF format - see Plány převozné pece na dřevo.