Nepheline Syenite (K2O.3Na2O.4Al2O3.8SiO2 )

Příloha: TDS_SPECTRUM_N_20_75_Stjernoy_1206.pdf

A soda spar found in Canada, Montana, New Jersey, Virginia, Norway, India and Rusia. It does not contain free silica. In some glazes and clay bodies nepheline syenite can be substituted for potash or soda feldspar to lower the maturing temperature.

Mixture Al2O3 BaO CaO Fe2O3 K2O LOI MgO Na2O SiO2 SrO Ti02
Nepheline Syenite 24,4% 0,3% 1,0% 0,1% 9,0% 0,9% 0,1% 7,6% 55,8% 0,4% 0,05%

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