Soda Ash (Na2CO3)

Anhydrous soda ash NA2CO3 or Na2CO3, 10H2O. It is often used as a defloculant in clay slip, added to the body to make Egyptian paste. Used for soda firing and also in American shino glazes. Glazes which have soda ash inside get old and change charakteristic (like colour) over time, it is recomended to mix only the amount you are going to use in short period of time. Also recomended for shino glazes - shino first or expect worst - meening not to put shino over other glazes.

Mixture Fe2O3 Na2CO3 NaCl ZŽ (ztráta žíháním)
Soda Ash 0,0010-0,0027% 99-99,7% 0,1-0,2% 0,3%

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