Ceramics studio Doupě o.p.s. rents wood kiln

Rent rules for wood kiln:

  • Those interested in renting the kiln are approved by the members of Ceramics studio Doupě o.p.s., especially in terms of whether the candidate has the necessary knowledge for a successful firing of the kiln. Applicants may be advised to first complete a course in which they get not only familiar with the operation of the Ceramics studio Doupě o.p.s., but also acquires the necessary skills for wood firing. 
  • The date of firing is arranged according Ceramics studio Doupě o.p.s. schedules.
  • Candidates are provided: 
    • Wood kiln with a size chamber 310 litres + kiln furniture 
    • Space for glazing 
    • Selection of 5 glazes from the current offer of Ceramics studio Doupě o.p.s. (examples of glazes are provided on test tiles) 
    • The possibility to mix 3 other glazes of their choice (those need to be consulted ahead - not all materials are available and also materials for those tree glazes are paid separately) 
    • cones + wadding
    • kiln wash for the furniture used in kiln
    • Wood for 9 hours firing (if firing exceeds the normal recommended time for firing this kiln, which is 9 hours, the candidate will pay the extra wood used, the current price is 900 CZK to 08/01/2011 for 1 cubic meter of wood) 
  • Price for one firing is: 
    • For members of Ceramics studio Doupě o.p.s. - 1700,-CZK 
    • Others - 3300, - CZK


All information given here are valid for 01/08/2011.
If you are interested in renting kiln, please contact us at email mrandova@seznam.cz or call 0042 0 604850925.